2020 Granite State Fall Brawl

Saturday & Sunday, September 19th- 20th, 2020 | Manchester, NH

2020 Colleges attending

2020 Tournament Information

“Granite State Fall Brawl” presented by Firecracker Sports will be held September 18th (PM only) – 20th, 2020

Age groups: 13U/14U; 15U/16U; 17U/18U (3 Divisions)

Pool play: Friday, September 18th (PM only for local teams) through Sunday, September 20th

Playoffs & Championships: Sunday, September 20th, 2020

  • Participation is limited to 20 teams and is expected to fill up quickly for our newest event.
  • Registration for this tournament is $999.00 which includes bringing a box of brand new NFHS game baseballs.
  • We offer multi-team/event discounts, please inquire for more savings!
  • 3 game guarantee: Pool play format will be used with all teams (weather permitting).
  • Teams will be placed in pools, based solely on where they are from. We place teams from different areas against each other to allow the kids to play new teams.
  • All Umpires are High School board certified and we supply 2 for every game.
  • Preliminary round games will take place at area high school and collegiate fields with the playoffs and championship games at college facilities.
  • We use the top fields in the Manchester, NH area such as Southern New Hampshire University, New England College, Derryfield School and more.
  • This past summer we had over 100+ representatives from college and professional programs at all our of events, including Wheaton College, Boston College, Bryant University, Salve Regina University, Fairleigh Dickinson University and Concordia College.
  • What else could we offer…well! We offer player and team video packages for programs looking to have their scout days during our event but also evaluations and “live in game video” of their players complied.
  • Want more….let’s discuss that we do on-field reporting/interviewing with players/coaches, live streaming of pool play games and all playoff/championships on You Tube TV, social media exposure, in game stats, All Tournament Teams along with more exciting news to be announced shortly.

2020 Pro & College Coaches Attending

Please check out our website regularly as we approach the 2020 calendar year for confirmed attendance of coaches, schools and scouts. Our rotator above will show you the quality of programs who attended this event previously and several who have expressed interest in being a part of this event moving forward. Below is the list of schools and personnel who were confirmed in attendance for 2019 event.

  1. Southern New Hampshire University
  2. Rhode Island College
  3. Salve Regina University
  4. Bridgewater State University
  5. Southern Maine Community College
  6. Rivier University
  7. Johnson & Wales University
  8. Husson University
  9. New England College
  10. Community College of Rhode Island
  11. Worcester State University

2020 Teams Registered

We started planning this event in 2018 and we are very excited about the interest so far. Manchester, New Hampshire is a great place to visit during the fall with the foliage, covered bridges and awesome autumn evenings. We have opened up this event to include more teams with the 13U/14U Division for those transitioning to the big diamond. If you are interested in participating in one of the fall’s best events, please register today or inquire at operations@firecrackersports.com for more details.

  1. Brigade Baseball Club (Lancaster, MA)

Coming soon!

  1. Braintree Bandits (Braintree, MA)
  2. J & M Baseball (Plymouth, MA)

2020 Hotel Policy


To insure the quality of service provided during a Firecracker Sports event this organization has put in place a Hotel Obligation Policy.


Simply stated, if your team requires hotel accommodations (team traveling 75 miles or more to the event’s destination city) your team MUST stay at one of the approved participating tournament partner hotels. These participating hotels are reviewable by clicking on the “hotel” links on the Tournament Website or on the home page of Firecracker Sports. Reservations can be made prior to being accepted and should be made ASAP as the hotels fill up quick.  


We work very hard to keep our costs down and also balance the economic impact a tournament like ours can have towards the communities and programs we serve. The approved hotels on this website assist with both concerns and the following are the benefits to our programs:

  • To make it manageable we have room nights “blocked” for our out-of-town teams from our participating Partner Tournament Hotels.
  • Because we do not use a Third Party Housing Group and we negotiate large blocks of rooms with the hotels directly, you’ll find a wide variety of best pricing and amenities from our hotels.
  • Care in selecting location and proximity to our playing fields (see our field age group/field location chart to find out where your team most likely will be playing so you can lock down hotels near your fields).
  • All of our tournament hotels have been approved due to their quality and desire to give our guests the best tournament experience.
  • Room inventory which is shared with the tournament to ensure that room demands can be met from year to year.
  • By using participating tournament partner hotels Firecracker Sports can offer our “Act of God” Clause. This state’s “Should this event be cancelled for reasons beyond the Event Organizer’s control (including weather), all outstanding reservations will be released at no charge to the participants”


In order to best serve our out-of-town teams we need this to be a win-win for our guest teams and our hotel partners…If the rules are not followed then we jeopardize our relationships with these hotels and this could potentially add more costs to the teams.


  • Any accepted team to the 2020 tournament(s) who requires overnight accommodations and does not stay in one of our approved partner hotels will not be accepted to the tournament.
  • An accepted team to the 2020 tournament(s) who requires overnight accommodations and double books their team at more than one hotel will not be accepted to the tournament or will be removed from the tournament.
  • Teams who do not stay in our partner hotels will risk forfeiting their games and not be allowed to return to the tournament next year.


Teams will be able to cancel their hotel reservation if they are not accepted to the tournament.

2020 Fields & Facilities

We try to give all our student athletes and their families a first class experience by securing and enabling all our teams to play on the top facilities in the Manchester, New Hampshire area. We are getting close to our goal of securing all college fields for every age group! We would like to see all our teams play all their pool play and playoff games on top fields, including collegiately.

As you can see from the list below most of our divisions are exclusively played on collegiate fields including playoffs and Championships for our 15U/16U and 17U/18U Divisions. These younger divisions are given these unique playing opportunities which has become increasingly rare for other tournament providers. These fields and facilities are tentatively scheduled to host in 2020 but until schedules are finalized please inquire about your location before securing your hotels and travel plans.

17U/18U Division: Pool Play Fields (Championship is at Southern New Hampshire University)

2020 Tournament Rules


All teams MUST bring 1 box of 12 game baseballs, NFHS approved, to the site supervisor before their 1st game. If baseballs are not provided, then

  1. At 1st game, team will forfeit the right to coin flip (to pick home or away).
  2. At 2nd game, team will forfeit their game (even if it’s on the 1st day of games).
  3. At 3rd game, team will forfeit their game and be banned from future tournaments.


A coin toss administered by the umpire or the site supervisor at each field will be used to determine home team for each game during pool play games.

3. AGE REQUIREMENTS (Date of Birth is NOT used for age eligibility for our events)

  1. 19U Division: Class of 2019 or younger
  2. 18U Division: Class of 2020 or younger (Fall only events)
  3. 17U Division: Class of 2021 or younger
  4. 16U Division: Class of 2022 or younger (Fall only events)
  5. 15U Division: Class of 2023 or younger
  6. 14U Division: Class of 2024 or younger including our Fall events
  7. 13U Division: Class of 2025 or younger


There is a 2-hour time limit on all games except for the championship games. This rule means that no inning can start after 2 hours, it is NOT drop-dead timing. This allows the tournament to stay on track for the entire day. We do allow extra innings, as long as the time limit is still in play. We, at Firecracker Baseball want to see all ties broken WHEN possible so “Firecracker Sports” tie-breaker will begin in 8th inning (see details, rule #5).

5. FIRECRACKER SPORTS TIE-BREAKER RULE: (Only when within time limit for pool play or game will be determined a tie; all playoff/championship games will start with this rule in the 8th inning)

  1. 8th inning: Runner on 2nd with no outs (Runner on 2nd was last batter of previous inning).
  2. 9th inning: Runner on 1st and 2nd with no outs (Runners on 1st& 2nd were last 2 batters of previous innings, placed accordingly i.e. last batter on 1st base and previous batter on 2nd base).
  3. 10th inning: Runners on 1st, 2nd and 3rd with no outs (Runner on 1st, 2nd& 3rd were last 3 batters of previous inning, placed accordingly i.e. last batter on 1st, previous batter on 2nd base and so on).


This is a wood bat tournament. 13U Division is allowed to follow NFHS standards for metal bats, which is BBCOR (-3), which is only age allowed to do so. NO COMPOSITE BATS ALLOWED THAT ARE EITHER METAL OR WOOD!!!


  1. Major League rules will be used throughout the tournament.
  2. You can re-entry for the starter one time, each game, in the same batting spot. Any substitute entering the game, if replaced at a later point, is out for the remainder of the game.
  3. Pitchers when removed from the game as a pitcher, can NOT return as a pitcher in that game.
  4. Courtesy Runners are allowed for Pitcher and Catcher ONLY! Must be a player on your bench. If there are no substitutes, you can use your player who made the last out from previous inning.
  5. ALL substitutions and changes must go through the home plate umpire & the official scorer at each field.
  6. Mound visits are limited to 1 per inning. After 1st visit, each time the coach visits the mound in that same inning, the pitcher needs to be replaced.


Any team can start 9, 10, or 11 players. YOU CAN NOT START THE GAME WITH LESS THAN 9 PLAYERS! It will be a forfeit….The lineup must stay with the same number of batters for the entire game. Once the first pitch has been thrown the lineup is locked and the lineup can NOT be reduced or added. If a player gets hurt and there are no substitutes available, that team will occur an out in that injured player’s spot in the lineup.

The 10th and 11th hitter, if used, will be designated as an Extra Hitter and Super Hitter in the lineup. The EH and Super Hitter may bat at any spot in the order. The EH and SH is the same as any position on the field as far as substitutions are concerned. The starting pitcher is allowed to DH for himself and bat in any spot in the order but must be listed a P/DH on the lineup card.


There is a mercy rule for our Firecracker Sports events.

  1. 12 runs after 3 innings
  2. 10 runs after 4 innings
  3. 8 runs after 5 innings


Our events can be impacted by weather and field conditions from time to time. Our games are based on time (2 hour time limits, while most games finish complete, we can NOT base this decision on an official game based on innings). Any game that has played more than 1 hour 30 minutes (75%) of the time allocated will be determined official and final. No games will be suspended, made up or rescheduled at that time frame. Any game that is suspended before the 1 hour 30 minutes, will be ATTEMPTED to be rescheduled and picked up from point of delay. If a game is determined official and the inning is NOT complete, we will revert back to the last complete inning played for score, stats and determination of winner/loser or a tie. This decision is finalized with Tournament officials to maintain safe, proper and efficient field conditions and event schedules.


All coaches must be in professionally dressedWe do not allow coaches on the field in flip flops or beach attire. You will be confined to the dugout by the umpires; site supervisor(s) or tournament administration. NO EXCEPTIONS!


Any coach or player that is ejected from a game is automatically suspended for the next game of the tournament.


Any team that forfeits a game because of lack of players in attendance for their scheduled game or for lack of arrival on time (45 minutes prior to game or from the scheduled start time) will be banned for 2 years from any future tournaments at that point (Updated: 7/1/2016)


Any protests will be handled at the time of incident. We do NOT charge for protests like other organizations, if there is an issue we would like to resolve it for the greater good of the game of baseball. There are site supervisors at all fields and will handle any protests brought by a manager and will decide in a timely and appropriate manner.


Due to unforeseen issues or mother nature, there are times games will be canceled because of rain, thunderstorms and poor field conditions beyond our control here at Firecracker Sports. We will always try out best to get games in, move games around so EVERYONE has the same opportunity as others in our events but in the case, this does NOT happen, our policy is in place to protect our products and your programs.

  1. No Games Played = Full Credit towards 2020/2021
  2. 1 Game Played = $200 Credit towards 2020/2021
  3. 2 Games Played = No Refund

2020 Playoffs/Tie-Breaker System

17U/18U Division

  • Coming soon!
  • There will be a short award and trophy presentation at the end of the championship game, allowing for pictures and on field celebrations.
  • Team trophies along with an MVP trophy will be awarded for each division.

15U/16U Division

  • Coming soon!
  • There will be a short award and trophy presentation at the end of the championship game, allowing for pictures and on field celebrations.
  • Team trophies along with an MVP trophy will be awarded for each division.

13U/14U Division

  • Coming soon!
  • There will be a short award and trophy presentation at the end of the championship game, allowing for pictures and on field celebrations.
  • Team trophies along with an MVP trophy will be awarded for each division.

Tiebreaker System

1. Overall Record in Tournament

2. Head to Head (Only if two teams)

3. Runs Allowed

4. Run Differential (Maximum differential of 10 runs per game, either way)

5. Runs Scored

6. Coin Flip

2020 Team Roster Forms

Thank you for your interest and support of our Firecracker Sports events.  In order to provide you the best experience possible, we request the entry of your team’s roster via the link below.  The deadline for all 2019 fall tournaments is August 1st.  This will allow us to promote your student athletes to the attending college coaches ahead of time along with promote the players who have committed to play in college, giving an extra boast not only to the student athletes but your programs as well!

We have created a brand new and innovative website that is user-friendly for our parents, players and coaches. With this exciting new addition, we have created a one-stop shop for all your showcase baseball needs. You can create a user account, setup your teams, register for any event, make payments plus enter your roster one time and being done for the entire calendar year! This platform also will be where you see hotels, shopping, schedules, scores, standings and playoff implications right from your mobile device. We hope you enjoy this special benefit and make your life easier.

  1. First and Last Name
  2. Jersey Number
  3. Position(s)
  4. High School
  5. Graduation Year
  6. Email Address of a Parent or Player
  7. College Commitment (not required but asked)

2020 Tournament Schedule

We work on releasing our schedules 2 MONTHS prior to any event we host and run throughout the calendar year. Once our event becomes full we begin to put the teams, fields and pool play together so you can plan your trip better to Manchester, New Hampshire area. This allows everyone to plan in advance their hotels, social events but also let the college programs you are interested in, know your playing times if they are interested in attending. We try to maintain first class customer service from the point of registration, all the way through our final Championship game of our events, so your experience always remains first class!


Granite State Fall Brawl Scores & Standings

We have partnered with another valued member in the baseball industry, Tournament Machine to make your experience even better. Now you can see scores, schedules and standings right from your mobile device as soon as the games are concluded. No more calls, emails to find out where, when and who you are playing. Through our app and Tournament Machine, you can find the GPS location of fields, get notified of time changes, incase of inclement weather but more importantly know where your team is placed for standings after your wins or unfortunately, losses.

Please check out the latest scores and standings of our events, past and present, held in Manchester, New Hampshire.


2020 Granite State Fall Brawl Scout Books

College coaches and professional scouts we provide up to the date scout books for your recruiting needs. There is no extra charges with Firecracker Sports to get these books or have them right on your phone at our events. Just click on the button below and download each event/division you are looking for. For password protection, please contact operations@firecrackersports.com for this password. You MUST be an active college coach or MLB scout to have access to our database!


2019 Granite State Fall Brawl Scouting Report

Our second fall showcase tournament of 2019 was very special to us because it was our first ever tournament in New Hampshire, the Granite State Fall Brawl. It was a 10 team tournament at the 17U/18U age group with the Championship hosted by our friends at Southern New Hampshire University. Pitching dominated the tournament but it made the true hitters stand out even more. These evaluations are brought to you by the college coaches in attendance, as well as our Firecracker Sports staff and other administrators

Darek Lallo (Toll Gate High School (RI), 2020,LHP/OF)

Lallo really impressed in his 8 innings of work last weekend, striking out 14 while only giving up 4 hits. FB was 78-81 (T82) with some arm side run. CH was 70-71 with solid movement. Will need to look for a consistent 3rd pitch to be a starter at the next level. The 5’ 8” southpaw could benefit from putting on some good weight. He is already an athletic kid with a high energy delivery and quick arm. Holds runners decently well and can field position. Nice 2020 pitcher for colleges looking for arms 


Chris Tejeda (Malden Catholic (MA), 2020, IF/RHP)

The tournament MVP was dominant both at the plate and on the mound. Tejeda is a Dayton University Commit and proved why, collecting 6 hits and 2 RBI while pitching The BASE Astros to their first Firecracker Championship victory (9 IP, 2 H, 10 K’s). Sat 82-85 on the mound with his 4 seam with ++ command. Used a wipeout slider (73-75) with good depth and average break to put guys away. At the plate he is a great contact guy that showed + IQ on the bases, taking multiple bags with aggression. Controls the barrel well and was hard to put away, only striking out once in 13 at bats


Michael Suncar (Norwood High School (MA), 2020, OF/RHP)

 Suncar was just as dominant as his D1 counterpart for The BASE, he threw 7 innings in his only start, striking out 10 and giving up 2 hits. He got hit a little but made pitches in big spots and trusted his fielders. Sat 77-79 (T80) with a lot of run with a + changeup that he buries low in the zone. He projects as a loose arm that can hit low 80’s. Look out for this kid in the 2020 high school season


Nick Wilson (Souhegan High School(NH), 2021, RHP/1B/3B)

Wilson was on our radar for this tournament after his performance this summer for Merrimack Post 98 Legion (NH) as a projectable 2021 arm. Nick is 6’ 1” with repeatable mechanics that allow him to stay low in the zone through multiple innings. FB was 77-79 with + command along with a hammer curve (66-68) with really good depth and late break. He struck out 9 batters in 4 innings against a very good BASE Astros lineup


Andrew Sears (West Warwick High School (RI), 2020, LHP/OF/1B)

Sears is another quality arm from this tournament that we had to talk about more. In 7 innings he struck out 13 and only allowed 2 hits for the Ocean State Bandits.  6’ 1” southpaw with a free and easy low ¾ arm slot. Mechanics are similar to Chris Sale. FB was generally 78-81 (T83) with a little bit of run. Sweeping CB (64-66) with good depth but could use more sharpness. Solid athlete with wide shoulders that has more velocity in the tank. 



Ayden Curren (Merrimack High School (NH), 2022, RHP/1B/3B)

Ayden was lights out in his only start of the tournament, throwing 6.2 innings and giving up 0 earned with 6 strikeouts. 77-79 with the FB and has more in the tank with activation of lower half. Features a rolling CB (60-62) that was good enough to change the pace. A solid changeup to his repertoire should help the sophomore who is already an intriguing prospect for Merrimack High 



Adonis Medina (UCAP (RI), 2024, RHP) 

Medina was hands down the best prospect we saw all weekend. The 5’ 8” 8th grader sat 77-81, striking out much older guys with 14 K’s in 9.1 innings. Athletic delivery with an explosive fastball that played harder than 81. Would like to see him refine his mechanics a bit and add a 3rd pitch and he will be a legitimate pro prospect by the time he enters high school. The BASE should be very excited about this kid


Nolan Potter (Saint Raphael Academy (RI), 2021, RHP)

Strong kid with a heavy fastball at 79-82 T83. Doesn’t have much of a secondary pitch.  Repeatable mechanics and good use of his lower half. Picked up 6 K’s in 5 innings mostly with the fastball which plays harder than 82. 


Avery Acuna (PCTA (RI), 2023, IF/P)

Another young arm for The BASE that showed tons of potential last weekend. 5’ 6” with a FB ranging from 75-77 with late life. Sweeping CB at 64-66. Didn’t throw a lot of strikes but will have 4 years to improve on what is a solid foundation. Pitched 6.2 innings, striking out 6 and and only allowing 2 hits




Michael Gajda (New Britain High School (CT), 2020, C)

Michael continued to show ++ plate presence with an ability to sit on his pitch against some quality arms so far in 2 Firecracker Tournaments. His bat will play at the college level right away at whatever school he chooses. Pull hitter with above average hit tool/power. 6’ “0 210 lb catcher with a 2.15 pop time. Has some work to do defensively with mobility, but pitch calling and receiving are +



Will Estronza (New Britain High School (CT), 2023, SS/3B)

The freshman had a great weekend for the CT Cadets, going 3-4 with 3 walks in 7 AB’s. quick feet and playable hands over at SS, time will tell whether he projects as a 2B or not. Short compact swing at the plate and can hit to all fields. Good prospect to follow on the CT baseball circuit in 2020 and beyond

Morgen Doughty (Smithfield High School (RI), 2020, MIF)

The Saint Joseph’s College (ME) commit is an athletic infielder that has the arm strength to play SS or 2B. Physical bat with a frame that should fill out with a college strength & conditioning program. Good IQ on the base paths, taking multiple bases last weekend on mistakes. Straight up approach at the plate with a bit of a long swing. It’s going to be fun to watch his progression for the Monks in 2021


Bailey Griggs (West Springfield High School (MA), 2021, 1B/RHP)

Griggs had a great tournament for the SNE Wave, picking up 4 hits in 8 at bats. Big body with opposite field pop. Needs some work defensively at 1B but will have 2 years to achieve it. 5’ 10” 215 lb prospect to watch in 2020 for the West Springfield Spartans. 

Trey Faulkner (Sabis School, 2020, INF)

For the second straight tournament, Faulkner has proved he has elite fielding tools to make it to the next level. Athletic, clean infielder with the arm to get it done at SS. If he fills out he could be an above average infieler at the college level. Got it done at the plate in key moments. He knocked in 3 RBI in the tournament in 11 AB’s. 

Xavier Quezeda (Bishop Hendricken (RI), 2021, MIF)

Quezeda was the story of the tournament defensively, showing up time and time again for the Ocean State Bandits. Above average feet/hands with a good arm at SS. To go with his impressive fielding, he also swiped 3 bags in the tournament. Xavier should develop into a must see college prospect by his senior year at the RI powerhouse. 



Alex Williams (Bishop Guertin High School (NH), 2020, SS)

Alex Williams was pegged as a prospect to watch at the tournament with a + arm and clean mechanics in the infield. Right handed, open stance at the plate with a nice approach but needs to put on some weight to hit for power.


Cam Carlin (Enfield High School (CT), 2020, OF)

Carlin continued to improve his stock at Firecracker tournaments in 2019 with 3 H, 2 RB, and 2 SB. Ran the best 60 yard dash at one of our showcases this summer and showed he can translate that tool to the game. Bit of a long swing at the plate but his hands make up for it. We’d be surprised if he stayed uncommitted for long. 

David Iannuccilli (Johnston High School (RI), 2020, C/2B/1B)

5’ 10” athletic catcher with good mobility behind the plate and an above average arm that he put on display a few times throughout the weekend. Displayed the best pop time of the tournament at 2.10. Squared up right handed stance at the plate with a compact/pull heavy swing. 


Sammie Diaz (Paul Cuffee (RI), 2020, OF/MIF)

Diaz made a spot for himself on the All-Tournament Team after going 5-13 with 5 runs and 3 stolen bags. He is a 5’ 9” right handed hitter that showed some pop against some legitimate arms. Lean tone with + speed on the bases, just an overall good athlete.


Richard Segura (PCTA (RI), 2022, C)

Big physical catcher with a top pop time of 2.15. Catch & throw is quick and on target. Arm strength will come in the future. Open left-handed stance with pull side pop. Already has a chance to be a must see prospect with 3 years to develop. Collected 4 hits on the tournament with 2 RBI, and 4 R. 


Anthony Fernandez (PCTA (RI), 2022, OF/P)

Long, athletic outfielder that runs well. If he fills out he will be a D1 prospect for sure. Left-handed hitter with above average hit tool and playable power.. Had 4 hits on the tournament including 2 doubles and even swiped a bag. Anthony is 6’ “0 185 pounds

Brandon Metivier (Bishop Guertin (NH), 2022, INF/P)

6’ 0” 185 lb infielder with above average power. Absolutely crushed an opposite field double and caught the attention of a scout in attendance. Good prospect to keep an eye on at one of the best programs in the Granite State

Casey Proto (Barnstable High School (MA), 2021, RHP)

The 6’ 0” junior showed a loose arm and smooth mechanics last weekend, getting up to 82 with the fastball. Should be able to get into the mid 80’s by his senior year if he fills out a little bit more. 


Jelbasio Sacaria (Miami Nationwide Academy, 2020, OF)

Sacaria continues to rake in his second straight Firecracker tournament, hitting a homerun as apart of his 4 hits on the weekend. Has a pro body already, with the right development and coaching at school he will be a pro player


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